Top Player®

Our success and company history


We are not going to tell you what we are not that no longer fits our criteria if we do.

We are in reality and we are not going to sell you dreams as some people expect, far from it.

We are just us and we want to bring our plus to online commerce. We believe that life is simple when you are that simple so our goal is to make things simpler in this area with honesty and honesty.


We don’t want to sell you dreams or tell you what we are not. Life is so beautiful when you are simple and stay yourself, we strive to reach the heart of the customers for that we are very focused on a serious and honest work.

Life is a road that is not always stable, even when we have a small inconvenience with a client, we dedicate our time to solve this problem.

We don’t like to leave our clients in a state of stress and discontent. We believe with conviction that everything can be resolved when everything is done calmly.

Top Player Mode is an international online retailer (soon to be offline with several stores around the world) Top Player Mode offers items for everyone at affordable prices that have been carefully researched.

We are modernizing the international market, there are different types of styles around the world and we give you the access to have all these styles from different countries on our site.

We take the time to carefully make our articles for a good quality.


We know that trust is earned, so we can’t sing from the rooftops about trusting us, that’s why we have focused our energies in our actions, we judge only on actions and not on words, so we leave you free to choose, but once you have entrusted us with your trust, we feel obliged to always be up to the task in order to keep your trust, for us that is very important.

We assume any dissatisfaction on your part, it is necessary to know how to take things in the right way, it is also our strength.

For us, it is not enough to reassure our customers, but to prove to them that they are safe with us, we do not try to empty all our stocks of product this is not the most important even if it is essential, the most important is to see the customer happy when he spends his money on items and that he is in possession of these items as we have told him.

TOP PLAYER is an official and certified brand, the company has invested in clothes, shoes, accessories and everything related to the fashion and beauty sector.

Top Player Mode make the effort to offer better, we are always much based on serious work as well as the attention of everyone and a professional guarantee on all levels.

All this at attractive and accessible prices.


Top Player Mode ( is a department belonging to TOP PLAYER COMPANY Ltd.

Top Player Mode is a branch of TOP PLAYER COMPANY Ltd, we are registered in the Ivory Coast Trade and Companies Register under No. CI-ABJ-03-2022-B13-00083.

The unique identifier number (IDU) / Taxpayer number: CI-2022-0016374Y

Top Player Mode is related to fashion (Creation, sales,
fashion accessories) for women and men.

We have our clothing brand: Top Player®.

TOP PLAYER COMPANY Ltd is an industry that has various investment and financing functions (Fashion, Music, Business, Business Management, TV Channel … ).

We always remain open to fashion. The whole department is based on seriousness, honesty, customer respect, sincerity and efficiency to provide you with quality items.

We have decided to make a big difference in our actions towards our customers and to stand out from other companies. In the industry of online sales Top Player Mode succeed in integrating gradually and climb the slope of business.

Known for its seriousness, simplicity and honesty in sales and business, our actions are spreading everywhere and we offer our customers a simple way to make their purchases, offering a wide range of quality items through our brand at not very high prices on


Top Player Mode commercializes several articles belonging to several themes: clothing, small gadgets, accessories for women, men and we set up a structure for children.

The E-commerce service on this site is dedicated to people who subscribe to fashion, style, elegance, beauty… Top Player Mode is active on online sales.

TOP PLAYER to its brand in fashion, we have invested on quality and originality. The articles of our brand have been made by us.

The articles that we offer you are of good quality at reasonable prices that have been carefully analyzed by our personal service in charge of the decision of the prices on the articles.

+1000 ITEMS

Be serious about everything you do because it is profitable

Behind the Online site there is a whole group working within this department to give a great growth of the department and we are all united as one family.

The team is always working to please you. We are available 24H/24H and 7D/7D online.

You can’t be disappointed with Top Player Mode because we are innovative at every moment.