Terms & Conditions

Anyone visiting or making a purchase through www.topplayermode.com agrees to our terms and policies and accepts our rules.


Delivery and return

1. The delivery is made to the name and first name of the customer and his delivery address.

2. The time and cost of delivery of an order to a customer depends on the country and the weight of the products.

3. The customer can see the costs and time of his delivery during the ordering process, because he is the one who chooses the delivery method that is favorable for him.

4. The time can be estimated according to the choice of delivery. In case of delay, which is not part of our habits, the customer has a maximum of 60 days to claim his money or a new one to send another order.

5. Customers can request a refund or we can return the item if the package has not been delivered within 45 days of shipment.

6. For orders in Brazil, customers can request a refund or we can return the item if the package has not been delivered within 60 days of shipment.

7. If the customer does not receive his order, we will return the order and the customer does not have to pay anything, this only applies if the delivery company confirms that the order has not reached the delivery address given by the customer.

8. The customer can receive his package before the deadline we mentioned when ordering.
In general, 89% of customers receive their order before the estimated delivery date choose.

9. The customer can cancel his order before we proceed to the processing of his order, but once our services have already proceeded to the processing of his order, the customer can no longer cancel his order.

10. We give the customer the opportunity to modify his order in case of error, but this must be done before the order is processed and shipped.

11. We are not responsible for late deliveries, as we work with several delivery companies, from which the customer can choose the different means of delivery.

12. The delivery times announced on the site apply only counting working days.

13. Generally, we take 1 – 4 days maximum to process an order and proceed with its shipment.

14. Our department cannot be held responsible for shipping costs, it is not voluntarily dependent on us, but rather on the shipping and delivery companies.

15. Packages are delivered to the address that the customer submits when placing the order and we will not be responsible if the customer has made a mistake on his address without advising us to correct it.

16. The customer can return the items received to us only when there is damage to the items within 15 days from the date of delivery.

17. The customer will have to contact us to give us more information about the damaged items with supporting evidence.

18. Goods to be returned or exchanged must be unworn, with all original labels attached and in its original packaging.

19. Previously worn items are classified as unacceptable and will not be refunded.

20. In case of a problem, Top Player Mode guarantees the return or exchange within 15 days of delivery if the item does not correspond to the description of the item mentioned on our site.

21. It happens that customers complain about the package received saying that the package does not conform to its description, “I am not satisfied with this or that product, the product is not as I thought or as I saw it … ”
You are entitled to a full refund if the product does not match the description, we do not take care of the shipping costs otherwise keep the item and reach an agreement with our department.
The shipping costs of a product renewal will be at our charge.

22. Refund will be issued within 14 days of receipt of item.
Please indicate your order date and order number to expedite your refund.

23. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs of returning damaged items.

24. The following items cannot be returned or exchanged: lingerie and pyjamas, swimwear.


Steps for refund and exchange

Step 1: contact us with your concern so that we can help you with your return procedure.

Step 2: indicate the item you wish to return and the reason. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Step 3: After receiving return instructions from us, please pack the item(s) and keep them in good condition and well packaged. Send the package and provide your return tracking for us.

Step 4: Continue tracking the logistics information, once it has been successfully delivered, please inform us so that we can arrange the refund for you as soon as possible.

Step 5: Normally, please, we will take 7 – 10 business days for processing after arrival at our fulfillment center. You will receive an email notification once we process your refund.

Notes :
Shipping and original shipping charges on returns are not refundable.

Returned items must be in unused condition with the original packaging.

We will not accept a returned item that is worn, damaged, washed or altered in any way.

We do not accept returned items that have been sent back by you directly without checking with us first.

Please do not make returns directly to the address on the package received. Send only to the address provided by our customer service department.

If you find this step time consuming, please submit your request and we can send you another item.
We do our best to make you happy with us.


Intellectual Property

Our site includes creations that are ours (texts, graphics, logos, videos, images …) that belong to us and that we have put online on our site.

We give ourselves the right to use it on other platforms, but apart from us, we prohibit any reproduction of an element of our site under penalty of sanctions.

If we have abused any right, we kindly ask these people to justify their copyright by contacting us.



1. All our products have a guarantee, it is in this perspective that we give you the time to exchange a damaged product upon delivery.

2. Our guarantees on products have a duration which is equivalent to article 1.

3. However, this guarantee will not apply in the event of a problem caused by negligence, deterioration or inappropriate use of the product by the customer.

4. We do not guarantee in any way when a person pretending to be an agent of our company or otherwise. In case of doubt, it is formally advised to contact our department for more information.

5. We do not guarantee 100% delivery times, as it is a system outside our department, but we do our best to ensure that the customer receives his order as soon as possible as we have always done.


Customs duties & VAT

1. The prices of our articles do not include taxes.
It sometimes happens that in some countries customs duties and VAT are applied.

2. This policy is beyond our means and we cannot do anything about it.

3. These customs duties and taxes related to the delivery of an item are at your expense and are your responsibility.

We advise the customer to take this information into account before making a purchase.


Reviews & comments

1. We accept the customer’s opinions and comments when it is respectful.

2. We do not allow certain comments and we give ourselves the right to modify the opinions and comments of the customer when it is against ethics, fundamental rights, intellectual property, or if the customer is slanderous, defamatory, illegal, obscene, racist.

3. When a customer registers on the www.topplayermode.com website, the customer accepts our conditions and agrees to be responsible for everything he does on the www.topplayermode.com website.


Your information

1. Your information is purely personal and we respect it.

2. Your information is provided to us in several activities; account creation, product purchase, newsletter, by visiting our site.

3. We do not use your information except to inform you of our promotions, free coupons, during delivery the delivery company is obliged to take your number to contact you for a successful delivery and also when you give us permission.

4. Top Player Mode uses your information when you give us permission to do so.

5. You give us permission when you create your account and when you subscribe to our newsletter outside of these texts we do not use your information.


Payment & Security

1. At the time of your purchase Top Player Mode will charge the price of the item and the delivery in case the delivery is charged for, otherwise Top Player Mode will not charge anything else.
Any complaints by the customer about such remarks are limited.

2. We offer different payment methods on the site, the customer has to make a choice.

3. We offer secure “HTTPS” access to the transactional pages of the website.
It also includes SSL access through mobile devices.

4. When you need to access your account you are protected by a password and your banking information is protected by SSL encryption during transmission between your web browser and our service.

5. To further secure your credit card, we do not store the information relating to its security code (or CCV number) that you need to enter in order to validate an order using your credit card.

6. We perform daily aggregate scans of our servers to protect you.

7. We do everything in our power to protect you, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee your security 100%.

8. We strongly recommend a strong password that includes numbers and characters when creating your Top Player Mode customer account.

9. Several means of communication are not encrypted so we ask you not to disclose your information through these means of communication.



1. TOP PLAYER MODE reserves the right without notice, at any time and at its sole discretion, to change, modify or withdraw the services and/or the pages of the Website www.topplayermode.com .

2. TOP PLAYER MODE gives itself the right to modify at any time the general conditions of sale as well as other conditions and policies.

3. In case of such changes, the customer will be informed and the customer has to read the texts of the change.

4. If the customer continues to use our service, the customer has accepted our terms and conditions.



1. Offers of our articles and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site.

2. The customer must check the availability of the articles sold on the information page of each product.

3. In the event of an order for several products, if one of the products proves to be unavailable within the deadlines announced on the site, the entire order will be processed and shipped only when all the products of this order are available. If we feel an emergency, we can send the items already available.

4. TOP PLAYER MODE will inform the customer of this additional delay. Then the customer will be able to choose to receive in priority the available items of his order.

5. The customer will then be charged only the shipping costs announced at the time of the order.


The prices

The prices given on the site can be modified at any time as well as the costs of the different means of delivery.


Customer's choice of products

When selecting an item, the customer must read the specifications and details of the item, size … Top Player Mode is not responsible for the customer’s selection.


Cancellation & Suspension

1. You agree that Top Player Mode may, at any time and in our sole discretion, with or without cause or notice to you, terminate your access to the Site.

2. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any claims or damages arising out of such termination or suspension or other actions taken by us in connection therewith.

3. If applicable law requires us to give notice of termination or cancellation, we may give notice before or after by posting on the Website: www.topplayermode.com or by sending a communication to any address (email or other) we have for you in our records.

4. The Customer has the right to terminate the Customer’s Account, the Customer shall contact Customer Service for this purpose and Top Player Mode will terminate the Customer’s Account permanently.


Limitation of Liability & Remedies

1. The customer must not abuse, Top Player Mode is not responsible for the delay of delivery.

2. Top Player Mode shall not be liable for damages caused during delivery, direct or indirect losses, damages or expenses directly or indirectly resulting from the sale, handling or use of the goods as well as any other cause related thereto.

3. Upon delivery in case of damage, the customer must notify Top Player Mode we have a policy for such cases (article 1).


Site access license

1. The entirety of the elements of this site, whether audio or visual, including the technology used remain the property of TOP PLAYER COMPANY and are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents.

2. Top Player Mode grants a limited license to access and use the website for the personal use of the Internet user.

3. Under no circumstances does this confer the right for the Internet user to download or modify all or part of the site without the written permission of TOP PLAYER COMPANY.

4. This licence does not allow any other use, in particular commercial, of the site or its contents (articles, descriptions, prices, data, software, sound extracts, graphics, images, photographs).